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This year we're pleased to announce the Bayern Nash Hash (VIII) Series. Since one Bayern Nash Hash isn't enough, we decided to have three instead. The series will consist of three separate day-trip hashes to three local Bavarian beer festivals.


The dates are as follows:

BNH Part 1 - Saturday May 20th, Grandauer Volksfest , Grafing -> Start time: 14:00
BNH Part b - Saturday July 15th, Landshut Hochzeitfest, Landshut -> Start time: 12:30
BNH Part III - Saturday August 19th, Dachau Volksfest, Dachau -> Start time: 14:00


To register for any or all of the Bavarian Nash Hash series, please use the Registration form below:


---> 2017 Bavarian Nash Hash Registration Form 




Will there be any accommodation included for any of the Bavarian Nash Series?

No. They are three separate day trip hashes and all three are easily accessible by train, car etc. Ask for CrashSpace if you are coming from far, but unfortunately we can’t promise anything!


Is there a bag car on Saturday?

Yes, but only a small one so please pack as small and light as possible.


How much does it cost?

A flat 20€ per Hash.


What is included?

Saturday hash, drink stop(s), snacks, circle beer, first beer at festival, ice, limited-edition haberdashery, festival admission and reservation fees.


Do I need to pay in advance?

No, you can only pay on the day of each BNH. But please sign up ASAP so we can gauge interest and book the correct number of tables.


What is not included?

Lunch on Saturday, second beer onwards at the fests, food at the fests.


Who's cumming? (updated 15.05.17)

Hash Name Grandau Landshut Dachau
Poor me, water! yes yes yes
Comes in Handy yes yes yes
Mother Fucking Teresa yes yes yes
Gone Flat   yes yes
Debbie Does Frankfurters   yes yes
AC/DC   yes yes
Shut Up & Bend Over yes yes yes
Birdbrian yes yes yes
SpeedoGonzales yes yes  
Likk'mm   yes  
Brokeback Mountme   yes yes
Bottom Blower yes yes yes
Chillbox   yes  
Not in this Cult yes yes yes
Loose Nutz yes yes yes
One in Every Port   yes  
Leg-O My Mom     yes
Pays with her Ass yes yes yes
Wipe on wack off yes    
Toyota Tits yes yes yes
Bones yes yes yes
Just Miriam yes   yes
Smokey yes yes yes
Wet and Ready   yes yes
Mormen Hardon yes   yes
Big Spender   yes  
Skiddy   yes