The Great Bayern Nash Hash returns to the Annafest in Forchheim for 2019!!
The Annafest is a Franconian folk festival held yearly about 26 July (St. Anna's day) in the Kellerwald ("Cellar Woods") in the town of Forchheim.


When: Friday 26 July - Sunday 28 July 2019 - Rego opens at 5pm on Friday at Jugendgästehaus Bamberg (Unterer Kaulberg 30, 96049 Bamberg)

Where: Bamberg, Germany


Price: €90.-


This includes:


- Annafest Hash (in Forchheim) and Sunday Hangover R*n (in Bamberg)

- 2 nights at Bamberg Hostel and breakfast

- Special BNH Haberdashery

- Snack and Beer/Drinks at Saturday and Sunday's Circles


Who's Cumming? updated 23rd July 2019

Hash Name Home Hash
Chlamydia Chlamydia Chlamydia Munich H3
Mother Fucking Teresa Munich H3
Poor me, water! Munich H3
Johnny A Schaffhausen H3
Shamcock Stuttgart H3
Just Jeremiah Stuttgart H3
Wet&Readdy Zurich H3
Wrangler Frankfurt H3
Just Gracie Annapolis H3
Weenie Bikini Frankfurt H3
Niceboy Frankfurt H3
Chillbox Munich H3
Sir Lost A Lot Sembach H3
Hanseatic Slut DIVAHHH, Frankfurt H3
Putin My Sister Sembach H3
Ausfahrt Sembach H3
Just In Beaver Frankfurt
Nip Young Cum Frankfurt
Slot Machine Sembach H3
Raider of the lost parts Sembach H3/Altenglan H3
Slippy noStockings Frankfurt H3
Bad Draggin' Sembach H3
Birdbrian Munich H3
Just Matt Munich H3
Oedipussy Stuttgart H3
Floppy Attachment Stuttgart H3
Superman Sembach H3
Bottom Blower Munich H3
Just Andy Munich H3
Geoff Glasgow
Likk'mm Pussy Graber H3
Longshanks Hamburg H7
2mistakes Angeles City Philippines
Thirsty Thursday Zurich H3
KumaYuda Tokyo Samurai H3
Equestor Molester MH3
justReinhold MH3
Great Balls of Fire Frankfurt H3
Semen on the Pew Berlin H3
Just Bee Munich H3
Ice Hole (waiting) Frankfurt H3
Gay-Ho Altenglan H3/ sembach H3
Comes Once Never Again (CONA) Suva H3
Snow Means NO Prague H3
Waaaaa! Prague H3
Not in this Cult Munich H3
Pissonya Dresden H3
Pbfft, Fart for short Dresden H3
G-man Seattle
Sperm Doctor Prague HHH
EZ Lay Belgrade Beer Hash
Jezebel Belgrade Beer Hash
Hung Like This Now I guess Nürnberg H3?
KFC Also Nürnberg H3 now
Barfbie Prague H3
Still Fucking Eye Foam Prague H3



Please complete the following Registration Form: HERE 

To assure accommodation please sign up right away and pay as soon as 
you get the payment details. Accommodation is limited and we have to 
inform the hostel some weeks before the event how much spaces we really 
need. First come, first served!

Helpful Links:





Tentative Schedule 


17:00 Onwards. Registration at hostel.

19:30 Dinner at not-so nearby up the hill Spezial Keller restaurant. Please allow time to walk up the hill to the restaurant.

NOTE: The youth hostel closes at midnight. 


07:30 – 09:30 Breakfast in the hostel.

10:00 - Start of Bayern Nash Hash R*n at Bamberg Youth hostel

14:00 - Walk from Hostel to Bamberg train station

Note: 25 minute walk from the youth hostel to the Bahnhof.

14:38 - Catch train RE4929/RE4909 to Forchheim at Bamberg Train station

14:52 - Train arrives at Forchheim. Walk to Annafest.

16:00 - Annafest 2019

23:11 - Last train from Forchheim to Bamberg (RE 4936)

23:28 - Arrives in Bamberg

23:50 - 25min Walk to Hostel.



07:30 – 09:30 Breakfast

10:00 Hangover Hash from hostel, drink stop, circle

12:30ish Find some lunch and/or go home



Who can I contact during the weekend?

Contact details will be on your flyer which you will receive when its finished

What is the address of the youth hostel?

Jugendgästehaus Bamberg  

Is there a bag car on Saturday?

Yes, but only a small one so please pack as small and light as possible.

How much does it cost?

Complete Hash weekend (including 2 nights in hostel): €90

Please make your choices on the Rego form for how many nights you want to stay in the hostel and you'll receive a email from Hash cash for the corresponding fee.

What is included?

2 nights’ accommodation and breakfast at the youth hostel.Saturday hash, drink stop(s), snacks, circle beer, ice. Limited edition haberdashery. Sunday hash, drink stop(s), snacks, circle beer, ice. 

What is not included?

Dinner and drinks on Friday night, train tickets, lunch on Saturday, beer and food at the fest.