Saturday, 21 Sept 2019


1:00PM (13:00)

Hare(s): Half Monty, Baggy Snatch
Start Location: Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof
Transport: Train or Flixbus from Munich to Innsbruck (back from Hall In Tirol)
See websites below for ticket info:
It could be possible to take a Bayern group ticket to Kufstein and an Einfach Raus group Ticket to Innsbruck. OR A group Regio-Ticket Werdenfels + Innsbruck is also possible. (via Garmisch)
FlixBus option:
More appealing might be the Flixbus option - leaving Munich ZOB at10am, arriving Innsbruck 12:25. 8 € pro Nase. There is similar cheap option for return journey at 17:15 and 19:15. There are good bus connections from Hall-in-Tirol back to Innsbruck train station (10 min journey 3.80 €).
On After: TBD, but eating at Medieval Festival is possible. 

Come Run with the MH3/TH3!!!

This is a special joint Munich and Tirol H3 R*n!!

This will be an A->B R*n from Innsbruck HBF to the Hall in Tirol Medieval Festival.


Festival Schedule:
10:30 -13:00 Uhr Aufmarsch und Musterung der Landsknechte, anschließend Verabschiedung, Abmarsch
13:00-13:30 Uhr: Belebung der Altstadt, Tanz
18-19 Uhr: Rückkehr der Söldner, Kneippenstück:
19-21 Uhr: Ritteranziehen, Waffendrill

Top Tip: Please eat lunch before the start of the r*n in Innsbruck.