• Bring:
    • own mug
    • exactly €4
    • hand-sanitiser
    • mask
  • Keep safe distancing (at least 1.5m)


Guidelines to hashing during the Covid-19 pandemic


Hashers in general, and Munich hashers in particular, have a well-earned reputation for near super-human levels of fitness and health. Nevertheless we must recognise that the Coronavirus can exist in our Adonis-like bodies, without symptoms, and then go on to infect lesser mortals. The results could be severe or even fatal.

The Munich Hash House Harriers encourages responsible debauchery so if we are to hash during the pandemic we must all follow the guidelines below:

All hashers

  • Don't come if you:
    • have, or have had in the last two weeks, any symptoms of the Coronavirus - even mild symptoms. This can include a new, persistent cough, or high temperature. Whether tested or not please don't come (all tests have a false negative risk).
    • have to self-isolate, been advised to self-isolate or have come from a country for which self-isolation is advised or required by the German authorities
    • feel unwell with other symptoms
    • have underlying health conditions (respiratory, heart conditions, diabetes etc.). You are more at risk from the virus so again, it is safer for you that you don't come. If you're not sure seek advice from your doctor.
  • Greetings - avoid shaking hands and, or hugging. 
  • Hash fees - please bring exactly €4 and place it in the Hash Cash's hash pot. If you only have notes then accept that you won't get change but the difference will be carried forward to your next run.
  • Drinks - don't share mugs or beer bottles.
  • Down-downs - we no longer share mugs. Bring your own mugs (or cups). At the beginning of the circle the RA will demonstrate how we now do down-downs.
  • General distance - now is not the time to huddle up to people. Don't crowd the Biermeister's table at the circle. Keep 1.5m away from others at all times.
  • Bag car - bring your bags to a spot indicated by the bag car owner (usually but not always our Biermeister) but do not all go to the car at once. The bag car owner will load the bags into and out of their car. Note that once in the car we won't be going back to it until the run is over. So make sure you have everything you need for the run before you hand it over.
  • Masks - bring them with you (including on the run) and wear them as per latest guidance.
  • Hand-sanitiser - please bring your own
  • Prost/Cheers - do it English-style, that is, no clinking of glasses. Just raise your drink briefly in other people's direction indicating that although they exist you would rather concentrate on this tasty beer, thank you very much.
  • Authorities - keep up to date with German government guidance.



  • Avoid congested:
    • start points
    • drink stops
    • checks
    • circle locations.
  • Drink stop - either provide more than enough cups or provide drinks which can be consumed whole by one hasher and not passed around.
  • On-after - if you decide you wish to hold an on-after:
    • check who will attend; don't be surprised if most won't
    • make sure it's in a spacious restaurant because we don't want to have to squeeze into a small area
    • check that the restaurant is still open.
    • No-one will complain if you choose not to have an on-after.
  • Get the Hare Razor or other mismanager to review your plans.
  • Backup hare - try to get someone who can take-over if you suddenly become unwell or have to self-isolate. Ideally, this should not be a co-hare if you have been in close proximity to that co-hare.


Circle bunnies (RA, Biermeister, Biermeister's Bitch etc.)

  • They will show the new improved ways of doing down-downs.
  • Might not provide snacks if this cannot be managed in a contamination-free way.
  • The Biermeister will bring a chainsaw to use if hashers start crowding the bier table. Not exactly hygienic but fun.
  • The RA will ensure that the circle isn't too closed up.


Abidance - if The Dude abides then so should we. Please follow these guidelines as they are important for you and others' well-being. The Munich authorities can impose severe fines if people are behaving recklessly.  So, we may have to ask those who don't follow these guidelines to not come again.